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Self Care Reminder

I like to keep the conversation around ‘self care’ alive, not only with my clients but also with my colleagues and supervisees. The counselling and caring professions can suck our energy and if one does not take good care of themselves, this can become depleting overtime – It can really take it’s toll on physical and emotional well-being.

I read a quote which said ‘Self care isn’t selfish or over-indulgent. It’s not a luxury – it is essential’. It’s so true. Self care should not be something we treat ourselves with from time to time, nor should it be something we just squeeze in, it should be a part of our daily lives.

Having talked to a few people about this some feel ‘bad’ about trying to prioritise their own needs, others might feel ‘too busy’ for self care. Alot of people struggle to balance work and other commitments which leaves little time and energy to focus on the ‘self’ (even though the desire to do so is there) – however we need to have a strong intention.

Sadly, if self care  is neglected over time, this can lead to a general dissatisfaction of life, and physical and emotional problems. We might begin to feel disconnected from our own very selves.  In more extreme situations this might lead to ‘burn out’.

Stop to reflect, is this happening to you in life, work or home? Back to back appointments, skipping lunch, rushing, deadlines to meet? A sense if working really hard, with little rest? Chores to complete, that to-do list?

  • Is this resonating?
  • Stop for a moment, pause…. How you can take responsibility for your well-being.
  • Where can you add in some time for ‘self care’.
  • A short walk and fresh air
  • Eating lunch away from your desk
  • Saying no when you have too much on.
  • Slowing down generally, maybe trying two minutes of mindfulness breathing in-between appointments/duties.
  • Being grateful everyday
  • Doing something fun that gives you joy
  • Being creative

SMALL changes can make a BIG difference

We can’t give anything to others if we have nothing left to give. We must give to ourselves first; where it all begins.

When we board a plane, we are advised that we must put our own oxygen mask on before putting on someone else’s. The same applies to self care. In order to be of service to others, we must be of service to ourselves, otherwise we have nothing left to give to others.

The more we pour into our own cup we share those we love and care for.

Many of us learn about self  care the hard way; when we are burnt out. It does not need to be like this.

Take your power back and prioritise your wellbeing and prevent burn out. Pour into your own cup regularly.