Other Professionals and Organisations

“Sukhi set up the counselling service at Anawim WWT in 2005. Anawim is a centre for women in Birmingham. Sukhi was very professional and worked within the BACP frame work in establishing the counselling service for the centre. She gave great attention to detail in drawing up the different policies and contracts for clients, counsellors and clinical supervisors.

Sukhi is a good organiser, is professional and has a good knowledge of the counselling profession.”

Enda Gorman (Head of Counselling at Anawim)

“I worked with Sukhi for 2 years (2008-2010) in an NHS service that provided support, counselling & advice for some of the most vulnerable women in society. Sukhi has a wide range of experience and is an excellent therapist. She is patient, caring and a consummate professional, I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

AJ (Senior Manager)

“As a colleague of Sukhi’s for many years (2009-2013) I have witnessed her calm and thoughtful presence at work with those that she comes into relationship with. Sukhi embodies professionalism, skill, care and attention to the clients that she works with and I have never been in any doubt of her ability as a counsellor to enable clients to find their way forward.

She is a deeply accepting person and maintains her own identity as a therapist both with adults and young people. Her strength is present in a supportive way and I would not hesitate to refer people to her.”

Emma (Service Manager)

Counselling supervision

“Since I saw Sukhi for supervision I found my learning as a student counsellor developed considerably. I felt fully supported and guided in my work and I felt my confidence in my practice increased as a result. She helped me to maintain healthy boundaries with clients, encouraged me in gaining new skills and experiences and was appropriately challenging, ultimately to mine and the clients benefit.

I sincerely recommend her as a fully competent, capable, reassuring and conscientious supervisor.”

Heidi Pickrell (Student Counsellor, 2nd yr Dip), 2015

“Although Sukhi’s core model is psychodynamic, I feel I have found a supervisor who has accepted me and my way of working (Person centred/ integrated). For me this has been a journey that has allowed me to feel safe in our work together so I could open up, blossom and grow from a student to a qualified counsellor.

I appreciate the way Sukhi has researched spirituality, being sympathetic to my spiritual insights and letting me be congruent in my beliefs to help in our work together.

A very professional work ethic that I can put my trust in every time we meet”

Tracey Cox (Qualified Counsellor), 2017


"I had a Reiki session with Sukhi about a year ago. I really enjoyed the session. I found a deep sense of relaxation during it, which was surprising as I normally find it hard to relax my mind. I felt as if my head had cleared.

After the session, I felt light and as if I was floating. I remember that a feeling of calmness lasted for a couple of weeks after.

I have not had chance to book in another session yet, but I intend to do so soon. I recommend that you give reiki a go."

Surinder, 2018

"I have to be honest, prior to taking part in the Reiki session I was very sceptical and didn’t think I would really benefit from it. A close friend of mine suggested I just try it before I judge!

I was shocked about the positive impact this one session had on me. It was mind blowing to hear how much Sukhi learned about me from this session. It helped me to identify and address obstacles I am currently facing in my life. The session it self was so relaxing I ended up falling in and out of sleep! At times I felt I was being cleansed from within.

I highly recommend Reiki to anyone wishing to address their inner concerns. Reiki has now become a large part of my life.

Thanks Sukhi for introducing me to this amazing healing art."

Mani, 2018

"I had amazing Reiki experience with Sukhi 2 months ago. I felt really relaxed and there was a calming effect during the session. At the time I had a lot going through my mind and was overthinking a lot.

After the session my mind felt much clearer and my body felt lighter. This feeling lasted for weeks after and felt more positive within myself.

Thank you Sukhi for a calming, relaxing and healing treatment. I will definitely be booking again soon xx"

Harmi, 2018

"I’ve had a couple of Reiki sessions with Sukhi and always leave feeling calm, relaxed and grounded.
Sukhi has a very nurturing approach and creates a safe environment for you to experience and reap the benefits of Reiki.

Some of the relaxation techniques Sukhi has shared with me after the session have also really helped me to relax and deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way."

Miri, 2018


"I would definitely recommend a numerology Reading with Sukhi. My Reading I’ve had today has allowed me to put my life into perspective at a deeper level understanding why my life has had its ups and downs. It’s easy to sit in the victim mode “Why Me “.

My name and my date of birth broken down and analysed by Sukhi has enabled me to look back at my life and move forward with a deeper understanding of why everything has happened.

Thank you so much Sukhi I was fascinated by my reading and look forward to attending one of your Numerology courses in the forthcoming future."

Davinder, 2020


Sukhi has been a fantastic counsellor to me during a time where I was feeling quite confused and low. She picked up on my behaviours quickly to help me understand my actions and thoughts.

Sukhi has been so caring and flexible, with everything going on during this lockdown, she has been able to adapt to make things easier for me too.

I appreciate the spiritual element to her work as this really helped me to look at things in my life more openly and feels like a softer way to deal with emotions and feelings.

I am so grateful for Sukhi being part of my life whilst things feel slightly upside down.

Anonymous, April 2020

I really did not like myself before therapay with Sukhi. Through the sessions I learnt how events in my life have effected the way I see myself. Over time I have got to know myself better and I am learning to let go of the past and to put myself first.

Anonymous, January 2018

Self Love

"Great course, Sukhi never stops smiling. Thanks for the course, I am learning to challenge my own negativty and learning new techniques. Sukhi is very patient and whilst learning new techniques, I am able to smile more."

Anonymous, September 2019

"Thank you. You provided a safe environment. As someone who suffers from social anxiety, I was able to speak up when I wanted to and share and to keep quiet when I felt unable.

The group was small enough to share and get to know others around you that you may ordinarily not have the chance to."

Anonymous, September 2019

The on line zoom self love session was really inspiring and so smoothly conducted by Sukhi. Everybody was so relaxed and shared their own experience on self care in these testing times (COVID 19).

It really helped us all opening up. It was a amazing session and I would definitely do it again. Thank you Sukhi.

Anonymous, April 2020

I have now done two Self Love groups with Sukhi. They give u the opportunity to relax in a safe calm environment and take a small amount of time for yourself to relax and be peaceful.

I would recommend this class to anyone.

Claire, April 2020