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Sukhi Sian MA, Registered Member MBACP (Accred)

Sukhi is a UK Registered Counsellor and an Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Psychodynamic counselling is the main approach that underpins Sukhi’s work with clients. It gives her a good understanding of how you relate to yourself and other relationships. How your experiences may be impacting on your current difficulties. How your resilience to cope may also have been impacted.

In a nutshell psychodynamic counselling explores your unconscious mind by bringing to light underlying emotions, thoughts and processes that could be driving and manifesting in your present emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

It is revisiting events from the past in order to move forward.

The ultimate goal of psychodynamic counselling is to increase your awareness and understanding of how your past influences your present situation so that you can consciously change your future.


Sukhi integrates a range of self help techniques to support you. These include grounding techniques, mindfulness, meditation, journalling and creativity.

Through self help you can start to gain a better understanding of yourself. Self help empowers you to take better care of yourself holistically; mind, body and soul.

Counselling can help in many ways. Simply just saying thoughts and feelings out loud to another person who will not judge you can make all the difference.

Counselling helps you to recognise barriers that are holding you back and getting in the way of your happiness and peace.

Pausing to 'reflect' in counselling helps you to gain more insight and understanding of yourself, your relationships, your circumstances and any repeated patterns in your life.

These realisations can empower you to make healthier and positive changes.

Sukhi provides a safe and confidential place for you to express yourself and whatever is going on in your life at this moment.

Finding words to describe your feelings and circumstances can be hard at times, therefore you can work creatively through writing, drawing, using objects such as stones, crystals, feathers, puppets etc.

Sukhi also holds space in counselling to explore the concept of the 'soul' and 'spirituality' if this is something you would like to explore.

Everyone is unique and therefore comes to counselling with different hopes and aims.

Some people may only need a couple of sessions whereas others may need longer. This is an individual process. Sukhi recommends a minimum of six sessions.

Usui Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique and treatment. It works to intuitively support your body’s natural healing system by administering ‘Life force energy’ through the Reiki practitioner’s hands, which are either hovered over or lightly placed on the body.

It is believed that energy stagnates in the body and Reiki helps to clear blockages within it and the chakra system. This allows the life force energy to ‘flow’ instead of being stuck or stagnant which helps to improve overall emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Sukhi offers guidance to help you understand the connection between your mind and body.

Reiki is NOT a medical treatment or a cure and can be used to complement medical interventions you may be receiving.

If you are interested in learning Reiki you will find information on this under 'supporting professionals and organisations' below.

Benefits of Reiki

Relaxation - Some people like to use Reiki as a treatment to relax. Reiki can help with stress, anxiety and sleep. It helps to clear the mind. Most people feel ‘lighter’ after a session and as if a weight has been lifted off them.

Personal Development - Reiki can help you to learn more about yourself. It can help you to understand how your emotions could be linked to the physical symptoms you are experiencing such as tension, headaches, digestive issues and perhaps even diagnosed illnesses.

Physical Wellbeing - Reiki aims to work towards healing the root cause of physical symptoms and illnesses. It does not treat the symptoms, it intuitively focuses on the underlying reasons for your physical symptoms, through administering the life force energy to the area of pain, discomfort or illness.

Emotional Wellbeing - Reiki can help with anxiety, overthinking, depression, lack of motivation and unhealthy thought patterns. It can help to improve a range of emotions. It can help you to start addressing repeated emotional patterns in your life.

Reiki can help you to understand yourself better and consequently improve your relationships with others.

Crystal Healing / Crystal Chakra Balance

Crystals come from the earth and therefore carry healing energies and frequencies. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties which provide emotional and physical benefits.

Placing particular crystals on parts of the body allows healing to naturally take place.

During a crystal chakra balance the crystals clear and absorb stagnated energy from within you helping you to feel more aligned.

A crystal healing session can help with stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain and digestive problems.

Some people like to have crystal healing for the deep relaxation they receive during a treatment.

Sukhi offers combined healing sessions that use both reiki and crystals.

Intuitive Energy Healing

You might not be sure which type of healing session you want or need. That is okay. Sometimes it is hard to know this beforehand, but after a consultation Sukhi will explore options with you and be able to individually tailor the treatment that seems most suitable for your current needs.

An intuitive energy healing session may include a combination of Reiki, crystals, numerology and or shamanic tools, such as sound (through rattles, bells, drums), flowers or feathers.

The aim is to clear stagnant energy within your energy and auric field and restore an overall balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Spiritual Guidance

Over the years based on the needs of her clients, Sukhi has developed spiritual guidance sessions as she found that clients wanted this service.

You may not want a counselling session or a healing session but generally want some guidance on a deeper spiritual level.

Sukhi is qualified in spiritual and psychic development which covers a range of topics.

A spiritual guidance session aims to help support you with whatever you need in that moment with regards to your own spiritual growth.

This can include meditation, mindfulness, taking care of your soul, developing your intuition, mantras, affirmations, connecting with your soul/spirit etc.

Maybe you have or are going through a 'spiritual awakening'. A spiritual guidance session can support you through this process.

Self Love and Empowerment Sessions

No matter what life throws at us, we can start to feel disconnected from ourselves and forget who we truly are, whether this be influenced by society, family, media or our own limiting beliefs.

It is easy to fall into habits of pleasing others and neglecting your own needs, however for a healthy overall balance it is so important to create and maintain good levels of self love.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it" - Rumi

You can improve your self love through counselling, Reiki or other healing treatments, but if you specifically want to improve this area of your life then Sukhi offers Self Love and Empowerment Sessions on a one to one basis.

Sukhi also runs 6 to 12 week programmes for individuals and groups as well as one off workshops.

Supporting Professionals & Organisations

Counselling Supervision

Sukhi qualified as a Clinical Supervisor in 2014 after completing a Post Graduate Certificate over one academic year.

She offers supervision to both qualified counsellors and trainee/student counsellors, however there are limited spaces for trainee/student counsellors, for which concessions are available.

Sukhi supports your personal and professional growth through supervision as both go hand in hand. Counsellors are their own ‘resource’ for the counselling work that they do in which psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical energy is used.

As a counsellor your own self care is paramount, Sukhi offers a space in which self care is encouraged.

Using the seven eyed model to supervision developed by Hawkins and Shohet, Sukhi helps supervisees to focus on integral aspects of counselling including the use of strategies and interventions, the therapeutic processes, transference, countertransference and parallel processes.

Sukhi has experience of supervising counsellors working therapeutically with children, young people and adults. She has supervised counsellors working in schools and sixth forms, women's services, holistic healing practices, LGBT services, sexual abuse/rape services, voluntary sector/Charities to name a few.

Group Supervision

Supervision in small groups is also provided to project workers, health professionals, teachers and support staff.

Staff Self Care

Self care and wellbeing sessions are offered for staff which are tailored to meet organisational need. Sukhi has also been a guest speaker on counselling and holistic wellbeing courses.

Usui Reiki Level One

Sukhi is looking forward to teach Reiki level one in 2020 in Derby.

In reiki level one you receive four attunements to Reiki, learn about the history of Usui Reiki (Shiki Ryoho) and how it can be used for self healing and healing others, plants and animals. You also learn about the seven main chakras.

After the course you can perform reiki on friends and family after completing 21 days of self healing.

Anyone can learn reiki. No former training is needed. Reiki level one is beneficial for your own self healing and spiritual growth if you do not want to take it to the next stage of practitioner; Reiki level two.

Reiki level one takes place over a whole weekend. Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 6pm on both days and includes four Reiki attunements, a Reiki mannual and ongoing support.


Sukhi is a Consultant member of the Association of International Numerologists and offers a variety of numerology readings.

The science and art of Numerology offers an amazing and informative overview of your life path. Each letter and number holds a energetic vibrational frequency which gives so much insight into who you are and the energetic influences at any point in your life.

This includes looking at the work of your Personality. These are the physical, emotional and mental aspects of yourself. It also provides insight into the work of your Soul. These are the most deepest and most hidden aspects of human consciousness.

Sukhi began to study Numerology in 2018 followed by the synchronicity of experiences of numbers appearing in her life. You will resonate to this if you have began to notice repeated number patterns in your life.

Sukhi has found that numerology provides clients with such a unique and personal tool. This helps to understand yourself in a way that Sukhi feels is so helpful compared to other therapeutic tools.

If you are drawn to ancient wisdom, quantum physics and mysticism you may find that numerology gives you the answers you seek.

A numerology reading gives insight into many aspects of your life such as career, relationships, family, karmic influences, aspirations and spiritual inspiration among others.

It can also provide guidance around overcoming your personal challenges and difficulties.

All that is required is your date of birth and your name as it appears on your birth certificate. Using many detailed systems based on Pythagoras numerology, a personal reading is derived for you.

This information is then shared with you either face to face, over the phone or for via video call.

Why numerology?

Having provided counselling for under 20 years Sukhi discovered how numerology gave accurate insight about people's personality and life experiences.

Clients deeply resonate with their readings.

Not everyone wants counselling.

Numerology is a way you can actually receive a healing, experience energetic shifts at the same time as gaining great personal insight.

Personalised Numerology Reading

The reading lasts for around one hour.

Sukhi requires to have your name as it appears on your birth certificate, your date of birth and if you were born before of after midday (or as much of this information that you have).

Through this information Sukhi will carry out some calculations and provide you with a verbal reading of the insight gained.

This includes your personality, it's challenges and areas of growth that are required.

It also includes information from your soul such as what it has accumulated over life times. These are the gifts and deep experiences you already innately have.

The reading also highlights your role in life and what you are being pushed in this life to experience on a soul level.

The reading also includes a 12 month energy forecast since your last birthday.

If you believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then a numerology reading (which in essence is a soul reading) may bring you great revelations.

Relationship Readings

Numerology readings can also be done on relationships, which means comparing two people’s charts to reveal compatibility and to explore relationship strengths and relationship challenges.

These readings can be done on any relationship, such as spouses, parent and child, friends, business partners etc.

Both individuals need to agree and consent for the reading to take place. Relationship readings can last up to 90 minutes.

These readings can help you to understand your relationships better giving you a different perspective.

Numerology Foundation Course

If you are interested in learning Numerology, Sukhi will be hosting and supporting her teacher to deliver a foundation numerology course in the Derby area around September 2020.

Please contact Sukhi if you are interested in finding out more information, or reserving your place.

The course takes place over three weekends, which are likely to be spread over three months - dates yet to be confirmed.