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Reiki is unique to the person receiving it. Everyone’s experience is different. It’s best to have an open mind and no expectations.

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Reiki Self Love Blogs

Do you need more Self Love in your life?

So,  a friend of mine came over last week for a catch up -as we got talking I started to feel that she needed some energy healing to help her shift some of her emotional blocks which seemed to be manifesting in her digestive system; as she was experiencing pain and discomfort in her stomach area. She seemed stuck in relation to a particular relationship.  

Pay attention to your body

Our bodies communicate to us unresolved emotions that have become blocked within us and that need releasing in order to heal before we can move on. I began to feel that my friend needed to ‘let go’ of something and ‘digest’ (work through) it, and it felt like ‘fear’ was stopping her.

Temporary Fix

She’d already recently recognised patterns of co-dependency in her life. This is when we rely on external factors to create a sense of our identity. Our happiness becomes defined by others approval which gives us reassurance. This might be through attaching ourselves to relationships with others, or through behaviours that become a bit addictive i.e. relying on substances (cigarettes/drugs/alcohol), overworking, excessive exercise, spending money for no reason – all these things give us a quick fix, ‘validate’ us for a short period of time, but don’t get to the core issue.

What happens if the other person can’t ‘validate’ you or give you the reassurance you need in that moment? This causes anxiety, insecurities and creates doubt . 

The Ugly Bits 

In the absence of the external factors (which are just like putting on a temporary plaster on a wound) you will be left with YOURSELF, your INNER FEELINGS and your INNER THOUGHTS.  This can make people feel really uncomfortable to the point it can feel scary for some. It’s coming face to face with yourself, including the ugly bits perhaps; regret, guilt, shame, insecurities – all these unresolved emotions that get stuck deeply with you, cause blocks to true happiness- but those that you CAN free yourself from. 

Be Honest With Yourself

It was not long until my friend was on my Reiki Couch and I gave her a full treatment, the energy in the room shifted – it felt like a breakthrough, from ‘avoidance’ to ‘acceptance’.  Upon reflection my friend knew that the only way to move through her current stuckness was to re-connect to herself and learn to love herself and not seek this from others. She kind of knew this anyway, but our meeting gave her confirmation.  

Ready To Dive In?

Sometimes we need to just dive right in. We spend far too much time dipping our toes in, or just treading water, contemplating change but not doing much about it and this can be very tiring and dissatisfying. Of course you may feel you need tools to help you once you have dived in to keep you safe, so the preparation is important too.  

I Get It

Reflecting back on my own journey where I had to do exactly this I can really relate to the avoidance, the to-ing and fro-ing, the conflict between ‘shoulds and musts’ versus ‘true desires, inline with the true self’, compromising for the benefit of others, becoming submissive and ‘losing my voice’ to keep the peace (as most women somehow slip into doing) -but it surprised me that it happened to me. 

Deep down I knew that I was so much more, with the potential of even more but in order to achieve this I may have to leave certain relationships and situations behind, as if these did not evolve with me they would continue to hold me back.

The only way is ‘in’

In 2017, I had to turn more inward than I ever have had to (and trust me as therapists we go ‘within’ by default – but this felt like another ‘layer’). I had to be really honest with myself, get deeper into meditation to gain clarity – figure out who I was again. I realised I was ‘hiding’ and instead allowing particular others to ‘mould’ me into what they wanted – I was like when did this happen? Some things are so subtle, it is hard to recognise them.  

Change Your Core Beliefs 

The underlying realisation for me during this (what ended up being a  massive and accelerated awakening) was to begin to believe that  ‘I deserve happiness’ and that ‘I do matter’. By believing it, you begin to allow it – you accept it, you shift your energy and anything that does not match your vibration does not feel right anymore.  

That’s Where SELF LOVE Comes Into it

How can you reach this point? By learning to love, honor and respect yourself – raise your vibration – realise that ‘Love’ is actually the bottom line. I know this might sound really cheesy – I get that! We have been conditioned by society in such a way that the concept of Love and Self Love is somewhat distorted, but it is actually so simple and pure. 

21 Day SELF LOVE Challenge – Starts 1st January 2018

After my friend left, I was even more inspired to get the message of Self Love out there, experiment with the concept, get a sense of how people see it. So I decided to create a 21 Day Self Love Challenge in Januray, starting from the 1st.

Why not enter 2018 exploring Self Love -by learning to love yourself; being kind and compassionate towards yourself. 

I have had some really interesting feedback from people about Self Love. I am intrigued to know your thoughts too. 

I would love to know that when you think of Self Love – what is the first thought/feeling you associate with the word?  What does Self Love mean to you? Comment below, or message me separately. 

Thank you – hope you can make the 21 Day Self Love Challenge – click HERE to join. 

Make 2018 about loving yourself ūüôā 



A Special Kind of Love

Yesterday, we said our farewells to our late uncle aged 55 years old as we gathered for the day that marked his funeral; 30th November 2017. He was born with what I call the ‘gift’ of Down Syndrome. Often gifts are concealed in such a way that their true meaning and beauty is only recognised when the person receiving the gift looks through a lens of love and gratitude and not their ego. The true essence of the gift can go unnoticed if the ego is present. The ego alters perception and sets expectations.

Our uncles gift, was that of unconditional love; a love where there is no expectation, no ego, no judgment and in essence this is true love. It is not based on the material world, it is not valued by a price tag, it is not proved through quantity but purely through quality.¬† This is the true love we all seek, deep down. It is the love of pure acceptance. The love that does not demand change for it’s own gain.

One of the biggest challenges of humanity is to realise that we ultimately are beings of love. This love¬†is contagious -it creates a powerful energetic vibrational wave, which spreads everywhere. It has the ability to clear negativity. It has power to heal people and situations. It is not just the love for ‘hippies’; prejudice views that are often used to dismiss that love belongs in you too. It is the love, that can change the world, overide the corruption we live in.

‘Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive’ Dalai Lama

The problem is love can be seen as a ‘weak’ thing, yet it is the most powerful. Love is therefore judged, by the very own people who have been given this gift. It is misused, misunderstood (attachment and co-dependency) and almost feared, yet it is what is fundamentally seeked by all. Such a paradox.

My uncle, was not given language to communicate, yet he found a way. He did not have a voice, but spoke through his eyes, his actions and his behaviours towards others; this was the language of unconditional love and this was reinforced throughout our conversations during our gatherings around his death.

I stand in great honor to have had him in my life.¬† We had a very close connection witnessed by many, which I never labelled but now realise that we were engaged in unconditional love; the most powerful when it is in the mutual flow of¬† ‘giving and receiving’.

When two people love each other unconditionally, despite the relationship label (parent to child, spouse to spouse, friend to friend) it is experienced most powerfully. It is your true essence and their true essence. It is your soul and their soul. This is true love.

Today, it is the first day of the last month of 2017. As the year draws closer, I invite you to reflect on the concept of love and how it has played a part, or been absent in your life during these past eleven months.

  • RESPONDING WITH LOVE;¬†In order to respond with true love and compassion means letting go off ego.¬†

How often did you respond with love in 2017? How often did you react from anger and frustration? How many times did you chose a price tag over a gesture? Did you set expectations on others for your own gain? Do you deep down believe that you own the people in your life, just because you are defined by a relationship by blood or by law?  This is ego, not love.

‘Love never claims, it ever gives. Love ever suffers, never resents, never revenges itself.’ ‘Mahatma Ghandi

Have you found it hard to respond to someone with love because of the way they have treated you? I went to my first ‘compassion’ meditation retreat a couple of years ago where we looked at exactly this; seeing and responding to everyone from the eyes of love and compassion. Trust me this was hard! How can you respond to someone with love when they have treated you in a way, or judged you in a way that has made loving them the very last thing you want to do!

This takes a lot of self growth and shedding of the ego which allows you to not take it personally, which ultimately helped me on my journey and supported me to make decisions in my life. Understand that some ‘suffering’ sits underneath the other person’s behaviour.¬† It’s not about you. It’s about them. If you react to their drama you make it about you (which allows them to ‘dump’ their stuff on you, which means they get to ignore it!).¬† You go round in circles and get nowhere. If you simply respond with love and compassion you shift the vibration between you. They are left ‘carrying’ their issue rather than ‘dumping’ it on you and you carrying it for them. You give them the opportunity to deal with what belongs to them. It is then their choice whether they do or not, not yours.

This is an act of ‘self love’.¬† It is only when you do this, that you start to gain clarity over the whole situation. You can detangle your ‘stuff’, from theirs and see your own true feelings more clearly. So in turn, by responding to them with love you are also showing love to yourself.

  • LOVE YOURSELF FIRST; This might mean ‘Loving yourself back to life’.¬†

How have you loved yourself in the past year? How often have you taken time out for yourself? Have your internal world and external world been a bit of a mismatch? Like you were smiling on the outside, but not feeling the joy on the inside? 

The only way to true happiness is by loving and accepting yourself. Not by expecting someone else to make you happy. Not by projecting your own fears and insecurities onto the other and not by becoming a martyr for someone else.

Has it been hard to love yourself? Have you felt others deserve happiness but you don’t? Have you avoided being alone with yourself?¬†Perhaps worried what might happen if you stop!? Like opening a can of worms? Or it’s just such an unnatural thing to do as you have always looked after others?¬†

The thing is either way can take it’s toll – but one way is the healthy way, and the other is destructive. Realise that both ways can be painful; facing ourselves and avoiding ourselves, but it is only when you go inward (face yourself) you will actually find long lasting happiness. This is self love which forms the basis of unconditional love; for yourself and subsequently for others.

If you continue to search for happiness through  others, then sadly that happiness will only be temporary.

‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes’ Carl Jung.¬†

In tribute to my uncle, who by taking his last breath, communicated such a strong message, I with such privilege share with you the reminder of unconditional love.

I hope that somewhere in you, something resonates and perhaps even sparks either as confirmation that you are on the right track or that something in your life needs some attention or perhaps even some change.

I hope it empowers you to know that only you can make these changes. The first step is to look within yourself. Find the love in you, for you before you can truly love someone else.

‚ÄúYou, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.‚ÄĚ Buddha

Thank you so much  for taking the time to read this.

With much love (of course!),




The ‘Reiki’ Way

(This blog was written in November 2017; the year my Reiki journey began. I have left it available to be read because it demonstrates some of my journey and transition from a ‘counsellor’ to a ‘holistic therapist’)


Having been a counsellor/therapist for many years I’ve been involved in talking therapies and psychological interventions. My therapeutic work has been underpinned by psychoanalytical thinking.¬†

My Approach

In a nutshell, I work with client’s around how their ‘past’ causes barriers in their ‘present’ based on the principle, that traumatic and distressing ¬†feelings/memories become ‘repressed’ in our unconscious mind, in order to protect us from further emotional distress. We therefore develop defence mechanisms. These remain in tact even now, though the individual is no longer in the distressing situation anymore.

For example if as a child ¬†you felt rejected or abandoned by a parent, you might have developed low self worth and the belief that you’re not truly loveable making it difficult for you to form trusting relationships. You may unconsciously fear your partner will also abandon you therefore your defence mechanisms might prevent you from getting ‘too close’ out of the fear of rejection. They protect you from further pain but at the same time keep you stuck! ¬†You may also project your fear onto your partner, blame them for your unhappiness, rather than really addressing your inner feelings.

Through counselling I help clients to work through such defences. I help them to create healthier ones instead, but to do this we need to revisit the feelings that have been repressed, in order to ‘release’ them. I combine my therapeutic work with many other techniques – I work creatively and intuitively.


I’d heard of Reiki, but never really knew what it was. I knew it was some sort of energy healing, but didn’t know how it worked or what it involved. In October 2016 as I felt drawn to Reiki I booked my first Reiki treatment. I was amazed, seriously to cut a long story short I’ve never looked back. The Reiki and the affirmations I did after shifted things on a deeper level. ¬†I’ve even now trained to be a practitioner myself! I am in the process of adding this to my practice.

Reiki is a healing treatment, also promoting ¬†stress reduction and relaxation. It is carried out by no or minimal contact by placing hands on or above areas of the body, focusing on our seven chakras. It kick starts the bodies natural healing process as “life force energy” flows through from the practitioner to the recipient.¬†

When I had my first treatment ¬†(and I was a bit sceptical, but curious and open to it too) I was amazed at how much the practitioner picked up through my body!¬†Our bodies carry our emotions. Unresolved emotions/’baggage’, which we have not dealt with or expressed may show up through¬†tension, digestive problems, pain, illnesse etc. Our defence mechanisms (mentioned earlier) prevent us from actually working through the difficult feelings as they ‘block’ them and one way of them showing up is through our body. It¬†begins to communicate with us ‘metaphysically’. They need to come out and be released!¬†

Through my counselling work, I was already helping clients to understand how their emotions were manifesting physically, however I found that Reiki just speeded this process up. From the very first healing session the body can be scanned and assessed.

Using the abandonment example above, Reiki can pick up how the mind, heart and gut might have all been affected by past and ongoing experiences. The mind might be overthinking, the heart closed off from receiving love and the gut full of anxiety and fear – (just to give you an example). This can be identified through reiki very early on.

Holistic Approach

So I’m on a new venture! ¬†I am excited about adding Reiki to my practice so I can provide a more holistic approach to therapy; mind, body and soul. This is really important for an overall balance to life.

Over the last year I’ve been offering Reiki to friends and family. This has been a wonderful experience. They have greatly benefited from it in different ways ¬†This journey has constantly reinforced my faith in Reiki too.




Children without parents in Marrakech, Morocco

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails” override_thumbnail_settings=”1″ thumbnail_width=”240″ thumbnail_height=”160″ thumbnail_crop=”1″ images_per_page=”20″ number_of_columns=”5″ ajax_pagination=”1″ show_all_in_lightbox=”0″ use_imagebrowser_effect=”0″ show_slideshow_link=”0″ slideshow_link_text=”[Show slideshow]” template=”default” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

October 2017, I decided to do something I have always wanted to  do and never got round to; travel alone to do some voluntary work supporting children abroad. Due to my work in the UK I could unfortunately only commit for one week in half term, so time was limited but nevertheless I had the most amazing and eye opening experience in this short period; a ‘taster’ of something I’d like to do more of!

Child abandonment is a huge issue in Morocco, according to UNICEF 6000 to 7000 children are abandoned each year. Children are often abandoned at birth and UNICEF suggests this is mostly by single mothers; pregnancy outside of wedlock is socially and culturally unacceptable, with perhaps some legal implications too. Sexual health is not promoted therefore a lack of knowledge around contraception and little access to it.

Abortions are permitted only in some circumstances; if mother or baby’s life is in danger or in incidents of rape, however I suspect a high proportion of women remain silent about rape out of fear, shame, judgment and so forth.

Children may also be abandoned for many other reasons;  if they have a disability and sadly families living in poverty cannot afford to raise their children.

Being in Marrakech raised my awareness of how much of a problem child abandonment is. The orphanage where we painted the walls (in the gallery) accommodates children from the age of 5 until they are young adults, usually in their 20’s. This means a very high percentage of these children never get adopted. They live in the orphanages for a big part of their lives and some often end up working there too.

The children I had some contact with, were beautiful, loving children buzzing with gratitude. Although there was a language barrier as they mainly spoke Arabic and French (I speak neither), it was amazing how we could still communicate with each other through actions, gestures and most importantly intuition. I experienced a great sense of unconditional love for these children. In a way they had ‘nothing’, but they had ‘everything’,  if that makes any sense.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have already seen some of the photos I am sharing in this blog, I hope they capture the real essence of my short and brief experience with the children – you can see happiness and delight in their eyes to have time and basic creative activities and games dedicated just for them.

You’ll notice the little child who was thrilled to have created a superhero outfit just out of tissue paper and he didn’t even care it was pink! It was lovely to see the absence of gender stereotypes that children in the UK are imposed to from such a young age.  The photos are just off my android phone, so not the best quality.

Thanks for taking your time to read this blog, feel free to post any thoughts in the comment section below. I will be writing more blogs about my trip soon!



Self Help Blogs

Moving Stillness

These last few weeks I have been on the move a lot, up and down the country- back and forth between the Midlands, London and Yorkshire. Trains, trams, tubes, on foot from here there everywhere. 1 night here, 2 nights there a few nights somewhere else!

Got me thinking of ‘journeys’, what we stumble accross on our way, people we meet, do we even notice the people around us? Or do we float around in our own bubble? Would you be anxious about getting lost, missing the train… being late? Or would you just go with the flow? Allow things to unfold?

These last few weeks really got me to practice finding stillness in chaos! Although I was surrounded by movement… fast movement… I felt still within myself. Travelling gives you a great chance to practice mindfulness. Look around, be present, take things in… what can you smell? What can you hear? This morning I heard bagpipes in Leeds! I noticed lit tea lights by a homeless person.

Journeys lead to destinations but when we do finally arrive at our physical destination, then another journey begins.  New people, new tasks. It’s never ending! So our destination is always actually shifting! We arrive, but we don’t stop.

Living from a suitcase can be quite stressful -Stuff everywhere. Trying the minimalist approach, only literally packing basic, what you ‘need’ stuff – then coping without the stuff you forgot…but needed. Now what you going to do?  Life goes on right? You survive!

Last week en route to London my train got cancelled, so we all got off the train to find it was no longer cancelled so we got back on it… it was now delayed a fair bit! My colleague calls to inform me that our venue (destination) has changed due to a mix up with dates so I with 10 minutes notice head to the alternative venue. On arrival, my messages start to come through on my mobile (as no signal on tubes!) and I find out the original venue was back on, but I’m at the alternative venue!  Now I’m grateful for the girl who leant me her phone charger on the train (as that’s one important thing I forgot!) – the 18% battery allowed me to use google maps as I walked 15 minutes in central London to the correct venue!

I tell myself, just go with it. Let things unfold. It doesn’t matter if you’re late. Just concentrate on what you can control. I remain calm and felt like an explorer. Focusing on the present moment, gave a great sense of connection to others around me even though I was on my own in a busy city.

Try it – when you’re out and about in a busy place, take a few moments to get out of your head  (as often we think of what we’ve done or what we need to do), instead look around, what do you notice that you’ve never noticed before? What do you smell or hear? Concentrate on your surroundings. Take it in.

Learn to connect to the stillness inside you, despite the movement around you.



Behind the Broken Pieces

I text my friend Tony to tell him, that I just wrote a poem and shared it with a shaky voice to a group of counsellors at a networking event (as one of our exercises to connect with our soul).  I was touched that others were touched by my poem and asked me to  send them a copy.  He text back by saying  The other side of your comfort zone is where the magic is! 

I arrived late for this event, as I thought it started at 10 (but was actually 9:30!), so already I felt like ‘that late person!’ Anyway we engaged with exercises to help us explore and connect with our soul. Maureen, the course organiser had bought in some beautiful stones, shells, materials, flowers, leaves,  fragrances and had created a beautiful sea and a nature set up.

We were asked to select a few items and sit with them for 10-15 minutes, trying to connect to our soul – we were offered to write, draw – do whatever felt right to us.

So, I was instantly drawn to an orange/peach colour rose; I’d recently seen a bunch of this colour roses pop up in meditation and a week later (last week!)  at the Hay House ‘I CAN DO IT’ event, author Robert Holden,  in his tribute (sadly) to the late,  beautiful and inspiring Louise Hay told us that Louise  had a rose named after her.  It was  this colour rose! So I was instantly drawn to it.

Anyway, it did not take very long for the petals of this beautiful rose to start falling off and before I knew it the whole thing had fallen apart and lay on the floor whilst I was left holding the stem! I was late, and now I had broken the rose!!

Anway, Maureen walked past and said something like – ‘why don’t you just scatter it over there or something’.  Great idea! So off I go and as I do this I begin to resonate with my  recent life transitions and losses,  which ultimately lead me to a journey within; to a  ‘soul’ level. Having let go of (and still letting go of) external and internal aspects of my life and ‘self’, in order to be authentic; my true self – here I was symbolically scattering parts of my self and my life over the pretend sea and garden.

That is where the pearls came in!  I saw on the table an oyster, with beautiful green and pink colours immersed throughout it, and in there lay some pearls and gems. ‘The world is your Oyster’ and all that, however taking this quote  to another level Annie Kagan in her book ‘The After Life of Billy Fingers’,  writes, ‘The world is your oyster, you are the pearl and you are the oyster’. Meaning: The pearl only happens when the sand gets inside an oyster and irritates it’. 

So while I am in my ‘exercise’, I pick up the oyster, look at it, feel it, touch the pearls, reflect on the above from Billy Fingers, thinking about if there is no irritation, there is no growth, there is no beauty. If there is no darkness there is no light. If there is no mud there is no lotus and so on!  Then I am  inspired to write (even though I told myself, today I won’t write – as I do that a lot, I will do something different!).

So, I end up writing as I felt I needed to process the experience I had just been through, from the rose to the oyster and put it into words! I then plucked up the courage to read it out to the group (this was a big step, as it felt quite exposing). Writing it and saying it in your head, is very different to reading to people who are hearing you and feeling the emotions behind the words. This was really powerful. 

So I shared this with others and was so pleased that I did – It was heartwarming to find out that others resonated with the message behind the writing. 

I called this Broken Pieces

Thank you



Broken Pieces

I held you in my hand,
I saw you fall out and break all around me,
I thought it was my fault,
Then I heard a voice guiding me to scatter you,
With this thought I was delighted,
I picked up every fallen part of you,
I carefully scattered you…in the sea, amongst the sea shells…and in the beautiful garden,
Had I not done this, I would never have stumbled across the beautiful pearls and gems, twinkling catching my eye,
They lay in what felt like a divine oyster,
This reminded me it is through our suffering we fall apart,
And once we truly let go of what we no longer need,
We make room for our true light to shine through.

(Written by me this morning, during BACP Spirituality and Counselling Event on ‘Soul Care’ )

My process behind the poem




Self Help Blogs

You Time!

I remember about 10 years ago, my house mate looked confused and said ‘You always say to have time to yourself, but I don’t know what I am suppose to do!’

We get so caught up in doing things for others, or performing different roles at work and home, that we forget that the person behind all these roles needs some nurture too! Life gets so busy in the modern world that we need reminding of making an appointment with ourselves! I recommend diarising this and making it an actual event – you might only be able to spare an hour a week to begin with, but it is  better than nothing.

A date with yourself! This might feel strange at first, especially if you are a busy body,  but the more you do it the more comfortable it will get. The more comfortable you begin to feel in your own company, the more you will most probably start to crave ‘you time’ when you have been busy and stressed!

There are many ways to spend time with yourself, here are  some ideas from me  but go ahead and make suggestions of your own in the comments box below!

  • Start to read a book that has been on your To Read List
  • Have a bubble bath and make it extra special with relaxing music and candles
  • Go to a coffee shop on your own – take a book or magazine for company
  • Go for a walk, clear your head, connect with nature, observe and take in your surroundings
  • Relax and listen to your favourite tunes – Maybe some that you have not listened to in a while
  • Put some music on and have a little dance around the house
  • Do some exercise – go for a swim, a workout class etc
  • Go on youtube and find some relaxing guided meditation and unwind
  • Wrap up in a fluffy blanket and watch a movie
  • Try something different – a new recipe?

If you practice self care on a regular basis you will notice the stress in your life reduce. You can’t change things that happen around you, but by looking after yourself you can change the way you cope with them and start to live a more fulfilled life.



Self Help Blogs

Simple Ways to Create More Happiness.

  • Be more mindful and practice living in the present moment. How many times have you got from A to B but can’t remember your journey? By simply becoming more  mindful of your surroundings you will begin to live in the present moment and notice beauty in everyday little things. When you notice your mind drifting off, practice bringing it back to focus on what you are doing.
  • Recognise the people who bring negativity into your life. Who makes you feel drained? Perhaps it is time to have a people ‘clear out’… once you recognise who these people are start to slowly limit your contact with them,  Some of these may feel more difficult than others and take longer to detach from, but recognising who these are is the first step.
  • Practice Gratitude – Wake up thinking about all the things you are grateful for, little simple things like the roof over your head, the water in the tap, the warmth from the central heating – when you catch yourself being negative and thinking about what is lacking in your life, remind yourself what you have in your life. For more on gratitude click  here
  • Recognise the people who bring joy into your life, who inspire you and lift your energy. Start to make time to connect to such people more. You deserve to be happy and therefore deserve to be around people you feel happy around.

  • Find solutions to your problems – Shift your thinking.  Acknowledge the issue, accept it has happened and think of a solution – what is in your control that will help to resolve this situation? What is not in your control? Let it go – why waste energy on something you can’t change? Focus on what you can influence and change.
  • Get creative – Try or learn a new skill. What did you enjoy as a child? Art, Textiles, Creative Writing? Ask the ‘Inner You’, what they would like to do! This will take you away from the mundane day to day things and you can have some fun.
  • What have you always wanted to do, but never did? Re-think this, what is holding you back? How can you make this happen? What planning is involved? Reflect on how this experience will feel if you did it? Re-kindle with your dreams.
  • Spend time outdoors – Nature is free therapy. Go for a walk or a picnic. Just being outdoors is invigorating and grounding. It has an uplifting effect.
  • Claim your boundaries – Say no when you mean no, not yes!
  • Learn to listen to and trust your inner voice – How many times have you done something when your instinct was telling you not to. By not going with your gut you are not being your true authentic self.  Start practicing this with little day to day things… it does not have to be over something big. What do you really want in this situation? What would you really like to do or say? You deserve to be you. The more you listen to yourself for the  little things the easier it will become for bigger things.
  • HAVE FUN – don’t forget to play and do things that make you giggle and laugh. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Take time out for yourself – diarise it if you have a busy schedule. Even if you start with 30 minutes a week only, dedicate that time just for you. Don’t know what to do with yourself? Maybe you can get some ideas here.


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