Coping with the Pandemic – CONCEPT OF TIME

published on: 05/4/20 11:22 AM

We have now entered a new month, after spending the whole of April in ‘lockdown’ – What has this been like for you?

The concept of time is a funny thing at the moment. Time, for many is being experienced in a way that it has never before.

It may have slowed right down, giving you the time you once craved during your pre COVID 19 life. I have heard people say they appreciate this time and realise the stress that their minds and bodies were under before. When we are in ‘auto pilot’ we don’t notice this! Me included. I am appreciating this time.

For others, time may be ‘dragging’.

I have noticed waves of emotions over the past weeks that my clients and followers on social media have shared. At the beginning there seemed to be panic, which led to anxiety and fear with the most recent theme seeming to be around feelings of boredom, restlessness, agitation and almost despair.

All these emotions can can bring a struggle with time. Knowing what to do, how to fill your time, ‘when is this going to stop?’ – uncertainty and a general sense of feeling fed up now. This can be even more difficult depending on your home environment and personal situation.

Some are using this time to ‘cocoon’. Healing is taking place. Many of us are resting, reevaluating our lives, processing events in our lives that needed healing and therefore becoming more aligned and balanced.

This may bring a renewed sense of self, inner strength and transformation.

We come to our biggest realisations and awakenings in life by being in our darkest and most painful places. Of course this can feel extremely difficult (it is by no means easy) and it’s often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel – but the light is always there. Even if it is only a slight occasional glimmer. Hold onto this.

Whatever you may be experiencing right now, remember to reach out for help. Talk to friends and family. There is a lot of online and telephone support at the moment from so many therapists and organisations. This is increasing day by day.  Do a quick google search to see what is out there.

Be kind to yourself. Allow your feelings. Release them. Let them go. They are better out than in.

Self care is even more important now. Simple things like doing a bit of exercise at home, drinking water, a simple breathing exercise, taking naps when needed and being creative in some way or another can help so much by uplifting your mood.

Think about (and write down) all that you are grateful for right now.

How is COVID 19 helping you? What positives are you learning about yourself or life in general from this unprecedented time? How may you change or improve your life post COVID 19?

We can always find something positive in any challenging and ‘negative’ situation. The key is to change our mindset.

Follow uplifting and inspirational people on social media. Reduce watching the news. Don’t engage much with people who don’t bring you an uplifting energy. Protect your energy.

Remember, this too shall pass.

Take things day by day.


Thank you for taking time out to read this.

Best wishes





2 replies on “Coping with the Pandemic – CONCEPT OF TIME”

Great blog!!! I have been spending more time with myself and prioritising on improvimg my mind, body & soul & what is good for me.

For my mind I have been meditating more using crystals like Amethyst, drawing which is a great way of just being in the moment & reading books of wisdom, using mantras which I can use in my daily life

For my physical well being i have been walking ,running, cycling & stretching also resting and not overdoing it!

And for my soul, I am appreciating the sounds around me more like the birds singing in the morning this brings me peace & tranquility, i have cooked & eating healthyly and I am listening to my intuiton more it is guiding me to follow my happiness to do the things that bring me joy. 😊

That is great!

Thank you so much for sharing! Looks like you’re taking good care of yourself; mind, body and soul!

Lots of examples of good self care you’ve given 🌈

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