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published on: 01/19/18 10:15 PM

Reiki is unique to the person receiving it. Everyone’s experience is different. It’s best to have an open mind and no expectations.

If you’d like to share your experience of Reiki please comment in the box below.

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I have to be honest, prior to taking part in the Reiki session I was very sceptical and didn’t think I would really benefit from it. A close friend of mine suggested I just try it before I judge!

I was shocked about the positive impact this one session had on me. It was mind blowing to hear how much Sukhi learned about me from this session. It helped me to identify and address obstacles I am currently facing in my life. The session it self was so relaxing I ended up falling in and out of sleep! At times I felt I was being cleansed from within.

I highly recommend Reiki to anyone wishing to address their inner concerns. Reiki has now become a large part of my life.

Thanks Sukhi for introducing me to this amazing healing art.

I had a Reiki session with Sukhi about a year ago. I really enjoyed the session. I found a deep sense of relaxation during it, which was surprising as I normally find it hard to relax my mind. I felt as if my head had cleared.

After the session, I felt light and as if I was floating. I remember that a feeling of calmness lasted for a couple of weeks after.

I have not had chance to book in another session yet, but I intend to do so soon. I recommend that you give reiki a go.

I had amazing Reiki experience with Sukhi 2 months ago. I felt really relaxed and there was a calming effect during the session. At the time I had a lot going through my mind and was overthinking a lot.

After the session my mind felt much clearer and my body felt lighter. This feeling lasted for weeks after and felt more positive within myself.

Thank you Sukhi for a calming, relaxing and healing treatment. I will definitely be booking again soon xx

I’ve had a couple of Reiki sessions with Sukhi and always leave feeling calm, relaxed and grounded.
Sukhi has a very nurturing approach and creates a safe environment for you to experience and reap the benefits of Reiki.
Some of the relaxation techniques Sukhi has shared with me after the session have also really helped me to relax and deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way.

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