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published on: 11/16/17 11:30 AM

(This blog was written in November 2017; the year my Reiki journey began. I have left it available to be read because it demonstrates some of my journey and transition from a ‘counsellor’ to a ‘holistic therapist’)


Having been a counsellor/therapist for many years I’ve been involved in talking therapies and psychological interventions. My therapeutic work has been underpinned by psychoanalytical thinking

My Approach

In a nutshell, I work with client’s around how their ‘past’ causes barriers in their ‘present’ based on the principle, that traumatic and distressing  feelings/memories become ‘repressed’ in our unconscious mind, in order to protect us from further emotional distress. We therefore develop defence mechanisms. These remain in tact even now, though the individual is no longer in the distressing situation anymore.

For example if as a child  you felt rejected or abandoned by a parent, you might have developed low self worth and the belief that you’re not truly loveable making it difficult for you to form trusting relationships. You may unconsciously fear your partner will also abandon you therefore your defence mechanisms might prevent you from getting ‘too close’ out of the fear of rejection. They protect you from further pain but at the same time keep you stuck!  You may also project your fear onto your partner, blame them for your unhappiness, rather than really addressing your inner feelings.

Through counselling I help clients to work through such defences. I help them to create healthier ones instead, but to do this we need to revisit the feelings that have been repressed, in order to ‘release’ them. I combine my therapeutic work with many other techniques – I work creatively and intuitively.


I’d heard of Reiki, but never really knew what it was. I knew it was some sort of energy healing, but didn’t know how it worked or what it involved. In October 2016 as I felt drawn to Reiki I booked my first Reiki treatment. I was amazed, seriously to cut a long story short I’ve never looked back. The Reiki and the affirmations I did after shifted things on a deeper level.  I’ve even now trained to be a practitioner myself! I am in the process of adding this to my practice.

Reiki is a healing treatment, also promoting  stress reduction and relaxation. It is carried out by no or minimal contact by placing hands on or above areas of the body, focusing on our seven chakras. It kick starts the bodies natural healing process as “life force energy” flows through from the practitioner to the recipient. 

When I had my first treatment  (and I was a bit sceptical, but curious and open to it too) I was amazed at how much the practitioner picked up through my body! Our bodies carry our emotions. Unresolved emotions/’baggage’, which we have not dealt with or expressed may show up through tension, digestive problems, pain, illnesse etc. Our defence mechanisms (mentioned earlier) prevent us from actually working through the difficult feelings as they ‘block’ them and one way of them showing up is through our body. It begins to communicate with us ‘metaphysically’. They need to come out and be released! 

Through my counselling work, I was already helping clients to understand how their emotions were manifesting physically, however I found that Reiki just speeded this process up. From the very first healing session the body can be scanned and assessed.

Using the abandonment example above, Reiki can pick up how the mind, heart and gut might have all been affected by past and ongoing experiences. The mind might be overthinking, the heart closed off from receiving love and the gut full of anxiety and fear – (just to give you an example). This can be identified through reiki very early on.

Holistic Approach

So I’m on a new venture!  I am excited about adding Reiki to my practice so I can provide a more holistic approach to therapy; mind, body and soul. This is really important for an overall balance to life.

Over the last year I’ve been offering Reiki to friends and family. This has been a wonderful experience. They have greatly benefited from it in different ways  This journey has constantly reinforced my faith in Reiki too.



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