Broken Pieces

published on: 10/7/17 12:52 PM

I held you in my hand,
I saw you fall out and break all around me,
I thought it was my fault,
Then I heard a voice guiding me to scatter you,
With this thought I was delighted,
I picked up every fallen part of you,
I carefully scattered you…in the sea, amongst the sea shells…and in the beautiful garden,
Had I not done this, I would never have stumbled across the beautiful pearls and gems, twinkling catching my eye,
They lay in what felt like a divine oyster,
This reminded me it is through our suffering we fall apart,
And once we truly let go of what we no longer need,
We make room for our true light to shine through.

(Written by me this morning, during BACP Spirituality and Counselling Event on ‘Soul Care’ )

My process behind the poem




7 replies on “Broken Pieces”

This really resonated with me Sukhi and led my mind to ‘letting go’ (of fear, old self, etc) and connecting to your true self. The sea theme reminded me last year of my daughter running into the sea – my thoughts (fear) were saying ‘no’ ‘stop’ ‘you will be hurt’. I stopped myself for a moment and then ran in with her! What a ‘letting go’ moment! I felt free and exhilarated. Like you, what I would have missed out on if I had held onto those ‘broken pieces’. I think your work is amazing

Thank You Caroline 🙂
Such a beautiful story about taking the risk to run into the sea with your daughter and setting yourself free from whatever was holding you back. Like my friend Tony said ‘The other side of your comfort zone is where the magic is!’ 🙂

After reading this, following a very long day, with my to do list still running through my head, i for a moment forgot it all, and took a deep breath to feel a bit of calm …thank you sukhi x

Beautiful poem Sukhi. I read it then the reasoning behind it then read it again. How true it is that sometimes we have to let go of things or parts of our lifes before we can begin to let new things in that give us a more fulfilling and happier life. It can be the smallest of things but gives you an inner peace and contentment that you didn’t have previously. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts and words x

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