Simple Ways to Create More Happiness.

published on: 10/3/17 9:32 PM

  • Be more mindful and practice living in the present moment. How many times have you got from A to B but can’t remember your journey? By simply becoming more  mindful of your surroundings you will begin to live in the present moment and notice beauty in everyday little things. When you notice your mind drifting off, practice bringing it back to focus on what you are doing.
  • Recognise the people who bring negativity into your life. Who makes you feel drained? Perhaps it is time to have a people ‘clear out’… once you recognise who these people are start to slowly limit your contact with them,  Some of these may feel more difficult than others and take longer to detach from, but recognising who these are is the first step.
  • Practice Gratitude – Wake up thinking about all the things you are grateful for, little simple things like the roof over your head, the water in the tap, the warmth from the central heating – when you catch yourself being negative and thinking about what is lacking in your life, remind yourself what you have in your life. For more on gratitude click  here
  • Recognise the people who bring joy into your life, who inspire you and lift your energy. Start to make time to connect to such people more. You deserve to be happy and therefore deserve to be around people you feel happy around.

  • Find solutions to your problems – Shift your thinking.  Acknowledge the issue, accept it has happened and think of a solution – what is in your control that will help to resolve this situation? What is not in your control? Let it go – why waste energy on something you can’t change? Focus on what you can influence and change.
  • Get creative – Try or learn a new skill. What did you enjoy as a child? Art, Textiles, Creative Writing? Ask the ‘Inner You’, what they would like to do! This will take you away from the mundane day to day things and you can have some fun.
  • What have you always wanted to do, but never did? Re-think this, what is holding you back? How can you make this happen? What planning is involved? Reflect on how this experience will feel if you did it? Re-kindle with your dreams.
  • Spend time outdoors – Nature is free therapy. Go for a walk or a picnic. Just being outdoors is invigorating and grounding. It has an uplifting effect.
  • Claim your boundaries – Say no when you mean no, not yes!
  • Learn to listen to and trust your inner voice – How many times have you done something when your instinct was telling you not to. By not going with your gut you are not being your true authentic self.  Start practicing this with little day to day things… it does not have to be over something big. What do you really want in this situation? What would you really like to do or say? You deserve to be you. The more you listen to yourself for the  little things the easier it will become for bigger things.
  • HAVE FUN – don’t forget to play and do things that make you giggle and laugh. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Take time out for yourself – diarise it if you have a busy schedule. Even if you start with 30 minutes a week only, dedicate that time just for you. Don’t know what to do with yourself? Maybe you can get some ideas here.


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